Issue 45 - 2006-08-07

The Toyminator event went really very well.

We had just over 100 people show up over the course of yesterday, sold
just over 90 books, and Robert was signing in total, for probably 3 hours.

Robert really enjoy it all, he was in great form all day. He spent time
chatting and relaxing with all present.

Eddie Bear was on hand to stamp individually each Toyminator book, with
Paw, Foot, nose, Bum and ear. We had a special bookplate made by James
Brophy, Stef and Anne Stokes.

Lee justice arrived with freshly printed issue 44 of the mercury and
these were issued to all members present.

The guide to Brentford went well with Graham and Lee entertaining all,
and Robert making interesting interjections throughout the presentation.
The quiz was well entered and James Shields won, with 23/30.

Many people had more than one book and we issued just over 140 bookplates.

The auction and raffle went very well, and we gave away proofs, bottles
of Large, posters, rare books and various other Rankin items of interest.

A special announcement was made by Neil Gardner and Elliot Stein who are
writing a Radio Play of the Brightonomicon and who announced that David
Warner was involved and the play would be made available through Channel
4's new digital radio service.

Robert Elliot and Neil then did a short reading of the play, to much
applause. Further details will follow on this project.

Jim De Liscard did a reading of Toyminator, and had everyone wrapped in

Many thanks to Robert and Rachel Rankin for coming along and making the
day so special. Many thanks to all who came along, queued relaxed,
enjoyed the good day and good company.

Many thanks to those who bought raffle tickets and bidded in the auction.

Many thanks to Jim, Lee, Graham, Elliot, Neil, Steve, and the secret
magician, who kept everyone entertained at various times.

Special Thanks to Elvis for the loan of his PC kit and to Stef for the
various things he did and to Simoné who spent most of the day at the
front desk.

And of Course to Robert.

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