Issue 4 - 2001-02-25

Sproutlore, the now official Robert Rankin fan club, launched it's
newly updated web site today (Saturday). The new site features a
cleaner menu system, which makes the whole site easily navigatable.
All of the existing content has been revised and edited, as well as a
large quantity of new content.

The site also has a new address:, although
the old address is still valid.

One new section is Sproutlore Reviews, which will bring you a wide
variety of book reviews to read. Money from sales of the books
through Amazon will go towards helping to run future sproutlore
events. Reviews editor, David V. Baker has been working night and day
to get new books to review, and has been doing a splendid job. If you
are interested in helping by writing book reviews, please email Dave

According to Webmaster, James Shields, the site now contains over 200
pages, so this update has been no small task. The update was started
in December and has taken almost three months, but the new site is
much more flexible and we'll be able to update it more quickly in the

We hope you like it!

Now go see