Issue 38 - 2006-03-02

HI All,

Yust some quick news...

We have been delayed with the latest issue of the Brentford
Mercury, so apologies if you are waiting on it, we hope to
have an issue out fairly soon. WE will have some interesting
bits and pieces therein, but due, mostly to my move to the
UK, we are finding production more difficult than usual.

Meanwhile Robert Rankin will shortly be leaving the UK for
a Road Trip across America. Full details will be in the next
Brentford Mercury, but suffice to say that Robert will be
writing one hell of a travel book, as he visits a most
magnificent selection of weird and wonderful places.

There should be a Sproutlore contingent at this years
Eastercon, in Glasgow, its on the Easter weekend and full
details can be found here:

The 2006 Eastercon - 57th British National Science Fiction
Convention, April 14-17, 2006 - Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow,
Scotland. Guests include: M. John Harrison - Brian Froud -
Elizabeth Hand - Justina Robson

If anyone is going along, and fancies helping with the
Sproutlore Table, please email us here!

This year's "Large" event is to be held at The Alexandra
Hotel in Derby on the 18th March 2006.

For the first time ever we are able to get an official
bottling of the beer. It would be helpful if we could gather
some pre-orders for bottles & people can then collect them
on the day. The expected price is to be 2.20 per bottle or
15.95 for a case of 8. They will be in 500ml bottles and
will be bottle conditioned.

Anyone interested in getting their hands on some bottles
should email:
Please state your name & how many bottles you would like
you reserve, you can then pick them up from the pub. "I don't
mind who wins any of these things so long as everyone just
had a really great time "

Andi Evans.

Below follows some information about enlarged also from Andi:


Just a few words for you about the 3rd annual "Large" event.
It will once again be held at The Alexandra Hotel (which
will again be renamed "The Flying Swan") in Derby on
Saturday March the 18th 2006. We have a few ideas in mind
for the main event including, of course, the 3rd time
genuine "Large" will be available on tap. At last years
event the chance to help brew this years Large was up for
grabs in the Raffle, the winner was Chris, and he will be
attending the brewing at The Castle Rock Brewery along with
myself. Of course if any of you have any ideas for what
you'd like to see at next years event please do let me know,
you can e-mail me on

Although the main "Large" event will be held on the Saturday
(throughout the day from opening time till closing), as last
year, we will be having a Brentford themed pub crawl round
Derby on Friday the 17th of March, so maybe plan to book an
extra day off work if you can. Both days will be Free
Attendance, this event is a totally informal fun gathering
of like minded people, it is not a convention, so come along
for a relaxed drink with some cool people.

Andi Evans

The website Forum:

There has been some difficulties with the website forum, and
we recognize this, and James Shields has some plans.

The old forum will be closed as there are a number of
security issues with it, but the old messages will be kept
there for posterity.

We are putting the finishing touches on a new forum, which
will be based on the one already in use at our sister site There are a lot of new features we'll be
able to take advantage of, and the whole set-up will be a
lot more reliable and secure.

We will also be splitting the forum into a number of
different sections to make it easier to separate relevant
topics from general chat, and we will even have a "Members
Only" section, which will only be open to paid up Sproutlore

This should all be up and running in the next few days.

James Shields

That's about it from us

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