Issue 37 - 2005-12-17

Hi All,

well our latest issue is well out, issue 42, and we have just cleared
the backlog of members, waiting for their issues. Its a good iddue, with
an interesting piece by Robert about his summer.

But Urgent NEWS has come to our attention!

Robert to Marry:

Robert is getting married tommorow.

As I write, Robert is jetting out to Las Vegas, or may even have arrived
at this stage, and is marrying Rachel Hayward on Sunday afternoon.

Robert and Rachel have only recently being going out togther, and its
somewhat of a whirlwind romance.

With Roberts permission you can see the wedding online and I hope you
will join me in wishing Robert and Rachel well.

I am grateful that Robert will allow us to let people know where they
can watch it, He has many friends, so feel free to let them know,

Robert and Rachel are getting married at 12 o'clock Las Vegas Time.

It can be seen on:

Main Chapel. Elvis presiding.

You may need to press refresh on the screen.

To check the current time in Las Vegas, go here:

Sproutlore goes to Hell:

The sproutlore tour of Jack the Rippers Lodnon is going well,a nd we are
nearly fully booked up. Please refer to the most recent isue of teh
mercury if you wish to book a place on this grand day out around east
Graham Hill who is in charge has aranged a pub, and a booklet and all
seems ready to rock and roll for Januay.

Year of the Stinky Badgery

This is a convention planned for sometime im 2007, and lready quite a
few Sproutlore bods and regulars at our events have signed up, and on
board. Its a rather different affair, being a sort of everyone helps DIY
type of event, but this id good, as it will reflect what people wish to do.

here is an interactive webpage wiki here:

and live journal discussions ongoing here:

worth thinking about, and getting onvolved with if you are commmitted.

Convivial 2.

Watch out for this convention also, we hear from teh committee that
there are negotiations afoot for this convention, agian in 2007, and
making 2007 a year to look forward to!!

Remember, if you havent joined already, you get all the most up to date
news, previews of Roberts writing, unique and exclusive writings by
Robert and information about our events, along with many other writings
in teh Brentford Mercury.

You can join online here:
and pay by pay pal thingy

So thats about the news for now, all a bit surprising, but very much unique.


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