Issue 34 - 2005-03-08


Robert Rankin is Guest of Honour at Eastercon, so we're hoping for a big
turnout from Sproutlore members.

A number of members have said that they would pop along for a day ONLY,
but thought the price prohibitive.

Takling this into account, the committee of eastercon have actioned the
below inititive.

If you're planning on coming to Paragon2 at Easter for just a day, you
can now buy your membership in advance. They will be cheaper than on the
door and members will get a printed membership badge. You can do this
via the online system using paypal or using the Day Membership
form downloadable as a pdf -

Please note we cannot book hotel rooms for day members.

The day rates are:

Day - Friday or Monday: 15 Day - Saturday or Sunday - 20

Advance memberships for Paragon2, by post or online, will close midnight
Sunday 20 March. From then on, the rates on the door will apply. Friday
and Monday day memberships will remain at 15, but Saturday or Sunday
will increase to 35. A full membership on the door will cost 75.

In saying that, a weekend is well worth it, and great value for money
compared to a movie or some such, but that is only my opinion apart from
Robert, Sproutlore will be hoping to launch a whole line of merchandise,
which will be available to buy, and then will be available in the next
issue of the mercury.


Over the years one of the better sources of members for Sproutlore has
been posters in Bookshops. Sproutlore has a striking full colour poster,
that whenever we get the chance we pin up, where we can.

In a push, to increase membership and awareness of the club, in time for
Roberts next release, we have a plan of action!

We hope to send out a selection of Posters to bookshops all across
Ireland and the UK.(and further afield if suggested).

Here is where we could do with some help.

Often with such a mailout, the knowledge I gleen, from websites of the
yellow pages, or lists, is old, or not practacal.

Its all very well sending a poster to a bookshop, but pointless if they
are a christian reading room, if you get my gist.

I am asking all members, upon receipt of this mail, to think of the cool
place they get their books, second hand would be favourable, where a
poster would be warmly greated.

The likes of Borders or Waterstones are not what I am after.

Shops that have lots of Science Fiction, or even a small bit, but where
you would expect Rankin fans to pass by. Maybe a place where there are
records or Comics as well, but definatly soem science fiction books.

All I need is the name of teh shop, and a full address, including postal
code and I will do the work.

So where, where oh where would a rankin fan buy a book near you.....


Check our website for details of forthcoming events. As well as the
aforementioned Eastercon, there's the Larger event in Derby, the
Worldcon in Glasgow and the Brighton Bus and Rail trip. More information

That's it for now. We'll be working on the next Brentford Mercury soon,
and as always we're looking for content. If you've anything you think
might be of interest, please get in touch.

Hope to see you at Eastercon!

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