Issue 33 - 2004-05-24

Dear Subscriber,

Our latest news is about our next big event, which promises to be a good

Below you will find our official release about the convention, which
will be taking place in Brentford. Please note, some of you may not
actually be members of the club, and this event offers the opportune
moment to make that move.

Many thanks

James and James

Brentcon - A Sproutlore Convention in the heart of Rankin Country.

6th-8th August - Various venues around Brentford - Entry is 22
(Sproutlore members) or 30 non-members.

From the people who brought you such gems as They Came and Shaved Us and
Aliens Stole my Handbag, comes their latest offering: a more relaxed and
genteel weekend of fun and entertainment around the famous borough of

Talks, walks, picnics, disco's, auctions, raffles, treasure hunts,
drinking, official ceremonies, signings, launches and a live performance
by the Rock Gods, are some of the goings on that will be going on.

Robert Rankin will be launching his latest Brentford book, Knees up
Mother Earth, which stars a very special Brentford Football team, during
the weekend.

Sproutlore are taking this opportunity to celebrate the book and borough
as only they can.

This is a Sproutlore members event, and Non members will have to join
the club, or alternatively ask a member to join them up, as all members
may bring a companion to the convention for 22 also.

Further details can be found on

Cheques and POs made out to Sproutlore can be sent to:
211 Black Horse Ave., Dublin 7, Ireland.

Email queries to

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