Issue 31 - 2004-03-19

"A pint of the usual, please, Neville..."
The Dreaming Theatre Company will be producing the first ever stage
adaptation of Robert Rankin's The Antipope, which is embarking on a
small-scale tour of the UK in April.

In his introduction to the play, Robert has described it as "a blinder" (we
looked it up, and that's a good thing), and he will even be making a brief
cameo appearance onstage at the Premier in Brentford on April 7th and on the
last night of the tour at the Sallis Benney Theatre in Brighton on May 3rd.

The play features all your favourite Brentonians - Pooley and Omally
(desperate to avoid "the work" at any cost), Professor Slocombe, Neville the
Part-Time Barman, Norman, and Soap Distant - not to mention Jungle John,
Hairy Dave and The Antipope himself!

A professional cast, sourced from all across the UK begin the tour in
Brentford itself at the Watermans Arts Centre (where Robert worked as
Writer-in-Residence during the 1980s), a short stagger from the real Flying
Swan, where no doubt a number of Sproutlorians will find themselves before
and after the show (though hopefully, not during!).

The play moves from Brentford to Richmond (North Yorkshire), York,
Bridlington, then back down to Cardiff and Brighton. Tour dates and contact
details are below.

The cast of The Antipope are also touring with another comic fantasy - Terry
Pratchett's Eric. Two hilarious plays, one talented cast. Eric plays in two
additional cities - Howden and Ripon. Anyone who buys a ticket to see both
plays in Brentford, Bridlington, Brighton or York will get their tickets at
a lower cost, as a thank-you for their support.

Tickets can be purchased online by credit or debit card at or by cheque (see the same page for
payment details).

Tickets can also be purchased directly from the venues, but it helps us
greatly, if you buy from us, instead. Please buy online if at all possible -
it means we don't have to pay a ticket agent fee, and our actors get to eat
properly for a change! Ticket prices vary from venue to venue, so check the
website for details.

A large Sproutlore contingent are expected at the opening night in
Brentford, and all members are encouraged to get in touch about meeting
afterwards for a few beers.

The tour dates and venues are as follows:

BRENTFORD - Watermans Arts Centre
Eric: April 8, 9
Antipope: April 7, 10
Box Office: 020 8232 1010

RICHMOND - Georgian Theatre Royal
Eric: April 13
Antipope: April 14
Box Office: 01748 825252

YORK - Joseph Rowntree Theatre
Eric: April 17
Antipope: April 15, 16
Box Office: 01904 621756 (Tickets from Tourist Information Centres)

RIPON - Fountains Abbey
Eric: April 20, 21
Antipope: No Show
Box Office: 01765 643199/643164 (Gates open 6.45pm)

Eric: April 23
Antipope: April 24
Box Office: 01262 678258

HOWDEN (nr GOOLE) - The Shire Hall
Eric: April 25
Antipope: No Show
Box Office: 01430 432510 (a.m. only)

CARDIFF - The Sherman Theatre
Eric: April 29, May 1
Antipope: April 30, May 1 (matinee)
Box Office: 02920 646900

BRIGHTON - The Sallis Benney Theatre
Eric: May 2
Antipope: May 3
Box Office: Brighton Dome - 01273 709709

Buy tickets online at

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