Issue 30 - 2004-03-18

Hi all,

Our own James Bacon is running for TAFF, thats the Trans Atlantic Fan Fund
that enables us to inflict him upon American fans at the upcomming Worldcon.

He is ment to promote things fannish, and I expect that will be everything
from Sproutlore to Robert Rankin along with various other Mad things.

The compitition is tough, James is up against a sweede, ANDERS HOLTROM,
who is very well knowm stateside, so he may lose, but thats cool, its more
for the heck of it and he gets to do lots of stupid stuff, which isn't much
of a change, but we also get a chance to get rid of him.

To be eligible to vote for TAFF, you need to have been involved in things
fannish, including Sproutlore before April 2004.

I am well known to the administrator, so feel free to refer to me.

Loads of details, a form to print off and the address to post votes can be
found here:

Lets send him away!

James Shields

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