Issue 3 - 2001-01-22

This is an announcement about the next Sproutlore event. Full details
can be found in the latest Brentford Mercury, or on the Sproutlore
website, or in this email...

The Mornington Crescent to Brentford Charabang

What is Sproutlore really about? Sure there's the magazine and
that, but what's more important is meeting one another, and most
importantly of all, meeting with Robert Rankin, having a laugh and
perhaps a beer or two. For the past few years, we've tried to
hold an
event for our members, along these lines.

This year is no different, and we thought it about time we paid a
visit to one of the most mystical venues from Robert's books…
Mornington Crescent Underground Station.

The plan is we are going to meet at 12 o'clock at Mornington
Underground Station. There are loads of seats just outside the
station at the fork in the road. Mornington Crescent shouldn't be
hard to get to (it's on the Northern line of the London
if you have any trouble).

The day will be Saturday the 28th of July.

We hope (though we are still trying to arrange this with London
Transport) to have a tour of the station and then we shall have a
picnic around the corner from the station where there is a small

At around 3 we will head out towards Brentford on an open toped
double-decker bus, Robert is currently devising the route to take us
on an interesting and intriguing tour.

Once in Brentford we take a whistle-stop tour of the famous spots in
the borough, with Robert showing us around. We will end up in the
pleasant pub garden where we finished off the boat trip, two years

Once there we hope to organise a bit of food, and a few games some
weirdness and then an auction before we finish up at around 10
o'clock to allow people to head home. There are quite a number of
B&B's in Brentford for anyone coming from farther afield.

As usual there are a number of rules and conditions, and a small
charge to cover the costs of organising this event. The cost will be
Stg£10 for those of you in the UK and IR£13 for our Irish

There will be a limited number of places available due to the amount
that can be seated in the bus, so please book early or you risk being

Rules & Conditions

Some very serious and important points, which are unfortunately

1) Sproutlore accepts no liability for any ill occurrence during the
course of the day, any injury to life or limb, mishap, any theft or
damage, or bad weather, and death by accident or neglect.

2) If the event is cancelled for any reason, we will endeavour to
organise a substitute event or at worst refund as much as possible.
We accept no liability in such an instance.

3) Sproutlore may eject any attendee at any time during the course of
the day, for any behaviour that is deemed unacceptable.

4) If you have an issue with i) London Transport staff, ii) Bus
staff, iii) Stewards, or iv) Bar staff, you must advise the
Sproutlore representative first. You are not allowed to enter into
argument with such people, you must allow us to resolve such issues.

5) The closing date for the receipt of monies will be the 30th of
June, this allows nearly six months to reply, but as we need a bus-
load of people to make the event work it is essential that members
sign up as soon as possible.

6) Finally, you must agree to do nothing that would lead to the
detriment of the club.