Issue 29 - 2004-02-06

Hiya Dude or Dudette,

You’re receiving this because you are either a friend of ours, or known to
us thru one or more of the conventions we’ve run, or a member of one or more
of the Fan Clubs we are involved with. We don’t wish to intrude on your
privacy, but thought you may be interested in this…

We are helping out in a big way with a commercial convention that is being
run by two friends of ours.

This is happening in Wembley on 5th & 6th March 2004, and is called The
London Film And Comic Con -

It’s a weekend of Stars from TV, Films and the Comic world, signing
Autographs, doing sketches and talks. This includes a Red Dwarf and Blakes
Seven cast reunion, and stars from Lord of the Rings and Star Trek. There
will also be around 750 dealers selling their sci-fi & fantasy wares.

Now, the organisers (Showmasters) are looking for people to help out over
the weekend, and we are helping with staffing amongst other areas, hence
this mail.

Work over the weekend is long and can be laborious, as well as rewarding in
a freaky sort of way that we know you’ll understand. Pay isn’t a king’s
ransom, but there are other perks - a party on Saturday, accommodation and
the chance to (maybe) hang out with interesting people.

Basically, we want people that we know trust or believe can do what is
required over the weekend. And that might be working for TWO days, ONE day
or half a day.

You also need to be 16 or over.

The hours involved are
Saturday 8am – 7pm
Sunday 8 am – 7pm

For those people who work two FULL days, overnight hotel accommodation with
breakfast is also included. No other expenses can be paid, though drinks and
snacks are available during the day at the Con.

Below is the official mail out to staff, have a read over and if you are
interested, give either of us a shout.

Stef and James



Right, we understand that you want to help at the London Comic and Film
Convention. Great stuff, but we wonder if you know what you are letting
yourself in for?

We don’t wish to ‘preach to the converted‘ if you have worked with us
before, but it is important to us, that you know exactly what’s involved at
the LFCC, before you agree to undertake work.

This event is in the Wembley Convention Centre – Hall 1, in the Wembley
Arena, in West London.

We have two different types of helper – Crew & Gopher.
A Crew member is one who volunteers, but also gets paid for their set work
times, half or full days, and hopefully have experience.

We are going to try to roster what Crew we have before the convention, and
have a plan ready so that everyone knows what he or she should be doing,
where and when, right at the start of the Con.

To this end, you have to decide in advance what hours you would like to do
for the weekend.
If you are after autographs at some stage, we suggest that you take a
half-day off at some stage. You can always make this up on Friday!

Here are the hours that we will be rostering for:

Friday Half Day 11am till 4pm
(this may extend until later for a few, so if you can/can’t work later, let
us know)

Full Day Saturday 8 am till 7pm
Full day Sunday 8am till 7pm

Now, if you want time off for autographs etc, we can allocate a half-day, so
one of the days you will work either 8am-2.30pm or 12.30pm–7pm.

To help with the roster, we will allocate these half days, as we need crew
working constantly, unless you have a problem attending at some stage.

Please consider what you want to do, and also take into account that 8am
MEANS 8am!

Anyone working more than a day and a half, and who needs accommodation, will
be put up by Showmasters (this does not include any room expenses!!)

Signing Guests want direct payment for ALL autographs - we used to be in a
position to offer autographs as part payment for work done by crew, this now
has to cease, I am afraid. So all autographs you want, you will have to pay
Though there will be a system in place to allow staff to access the Q more

We will be paying wages though for all work you do.

And we will also be having a Crew Party on Saturday night.

Secondly, we have a new position called Gophers.
This is a position created to encourage anyone who wants to help, to do so,
for an hour or so, to see what they make of it all. Gophers will be runners,
or helping out with Crew, so if this is your first time, and you are unsure
if you want to work for hours on end, this is your job for you! It is unpaid

You must be over eighteen to work with us in any position at all, we are

Bear in mind that working at a large event like this is really hard work.
And I mean REALLY hard. And you may not be given the most glamorous job in
the world either. Try to imagine standing there, handing out tickets and
dealing with the public for 10 hours a day.

There's no guarantee that you will get any more contact with your favourite
guest than any other attendee and there's a chance you may not have time to
meet them at all.

If you're still interested, you are either mad, or just the kind of person
we're looking for (or both!)

There are many jobs you could be asked to do including,

1) Front Door
2) Organisers booth
3) Queue ticketing
4) Queue autograph sales
5) Guest assistant
6) General runner.
7) Driver

We don't generally plan to give people a specific job to do until the day
and over the weekend you could be required to do a bit of everything or
alternatively you may get stuck on ticketing for 4 days. It's down to
circumstance and the luck of the draw.

Like many other jobs, there may be hours of boredom interspaced with
Frantic activity, or more likely hours of frantic activity with a few
seconds of boredom, both are tough going.

Mostly everyone involved on the day does this for the heck of it and enjoys
the adrenalin rush of being involved with such a large event. The work is
tremendously hard, and everyone works to his or her limit, and some enjoy
this challenge.

If you still want to be part of that and remember, it does not get you any
closer to the guests, (it may even keep you away from them) then let us know
and we will send you more information on how the convention is being run,
and how you can help.

Send us your Name and Address, Age, Contact telephone number, any relevant
experience you’ve had at shows of this type, and whether you’ve worked with
us before.
If you have a CV, you could send that too.

Many Thanks


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