Issue 23 - 2003-04-25

Hi all,

The latest issue of The Brentford Mercury, number 32 (a significant milestone for those of us who count in base 2) has just been posted.

This issue includes:
- A preveiw of Witches of Chiswick (first half of the first chapter)
- A member offer for Robert Rankin audio books.
- A member soffer to own Robert Rankin Artwork.
- A feature on HitchHikers Guide to teh Galaxy
- A member offer in regard to They Came and Shaved Us
- Rumours and vague details of Roberts next book.
- And a selection of articles and humourus fiction.

We will be at "Collectormania" in Milton Keynes over the May Bank Holiday and Stef will be at SFX event, with Robert on the 17th May, so let us know if you'll be there.

The Witches of Chiswick is planned for release in August.

We are now looking for articles, reveiws and artwork for Issue 33, so please send us any if you cen.

We would like to encourage you all to vote on the BBC website for their Big Read, a celebration of all thinks books. Obviously with all such voting, it is difficult when an author has many books like Robert Rankin. After some discussion, we here have decided to vote for ?The Brentford Triangle?, as we would like Robert to win, and this represents one of his best books, although it may not be your personal favourite.

Andrew Robertson is running Kilt.con in Glasgow in The Auctioneers, North Court, St. Vincent Place. The date is 21st June 2003, starting at 6ish pm. The function room is booked for 8pm. The evening will be a pub meeting the programme being, meet up, eat, drink and talk Rankin and related stuff. Info on the sproutlore website, in the chat area, or from

They Came and Shaved Us is rapidly selling out, and we only have 44 places left at the time of writing. So if you want to take part in Sproutlore's tenth anniversary celebrations, check out

Finally, at the bottom of this mail you will find another attempt to swing votes, as one could call it, The Mercury Editor, James Bacon, seems to require your help, so, if you feel up to it, please do so.

All the best,

James Sheilds
Co-Editor, The Brentford Mercury

James Bacon says:

As most of you know I am now writing for Tommy World, a fanzine, on an irregular basis and am new to fanzine writing, so when I received this, my immediate feeling was 'Tiociodh Ar Lá' and so it has, anyhow, feel free to vote for whom ever you want but vote early and vote often.'

> Hi! Andy Hooper here. I'm writing to ask a personal favor -- would you
> consider voting in the 2003 FAAN awards? As in previous years, I'm asking
> people to pick their top three choices in five categories: Fanzine, Fan
> Writer, Fan Artist, Letterhack, and Best New Fanzine Fan since 1998. But I'm
> very happy to accept all ballots, complete or not. I'll be taking email
> ballots until Midnight Central Time on the night of Saturday, April 26th.
> If you have friends and correspondents who might also like to vote (for you,
> who knows!), please feel free to forward them this email, and also pass on
> this URL, the site of the ballot on the web:
> Thanks again for your time!
> Andy Hooper

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