Issue 10 - 2002-06-06

Sproutlore Newsletter - June 2002

Hi All,

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Well it had to happen, photographic eveidence...

Damn Fine con have put togther a post convention photo website, with over 250 photographs (so far) of all that went on at the convention.

See if you can spot yourself, Robert Rankin in his many guises, or just take a gander at what you missed.

You can even add your own photos to the site. Just choose the category you think they should appear in, and click on the "Add Photo" link at the bottom of the page.

The website is at:

Enjoy your veiwing!


Sproutlore member Tobes Valois has succeeded in winning the TAFF (Trans Atlantic Fan Fund). This is a fund to help promote links between American and European fans by sending representatives to conventions on the opposite side of the atlantic. Tobes ran a splendid campaign, based on representing "European" rather than just "British" fandom, and is well deserving of the reward.

He is now planning a coast-to-coast trip, taking in the Worldcon at San Josť, promoting Sproutlore as well as many other European fan groups.

The results of the vote were:

Chris 54
Tobes 91
Hold over 5
No preference 23

We will keep you informed of his progress!


Issue 28 has been posted, and we're now hard at work on issue 29. This issue will be a Damn Fine Con special, and we've already received some excellent reports of the event.

As always, we depend on our members to provide content for the magazine. Some excellent writers have begun their careers with The Brentford Mercury. Please send us articles, short stories, poetry, photos, drawings, or anything else you think might entertain!


Just a reminder from last month's mailing... You can pre-order your copy of Robert's next book, Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse and receive a £2.00 discount off the already low price of £9.99 from Amazon. If you do it through the Sproutlore website, then we get a cut as well and everyone wins!

To order visit:


ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy appreciation society are having a slouch in Dublin on Saturday 15th June 2002. Sproutlore members are invited, so come along if you can get to Dublin on that day. We're meeting in the main foyer of Connelly Station at 1pm.

Enjoy the Damn Fin Con pics!

James and James

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