Issue 1 - 2000-05-22

Hi there,

This is a short(ish) message to let you all know what we've been
doing with the Sproutlore mailing lists.

Most of you know that we've had two Sproutlore lists, one for general
chat and (this one) for us to make official announcements.

We've had some reliability problems with the list we were using on
Listbot, se we decided to look around to see what else is available.
We settled on eGroups because it has a lot of extra features we
liked, such as searchable archive, digest mode and web-only mode.

While we were doing this, it occured to us that we really need a
third list. A lot of people said they liked the chat on the
discussion list but there were just too many messages and not enough
of them had anything to do with Robert Rankin. So we set up the new
Sproutlore list, which is only for discussions relating to Robert
Rankin is some way. You can join this list by sending a message to

The old Sproutlore list is now called SproutloreChat, and it seems to
be as busy as ever. It's unlikely that any of you want to get 30-50
emails per day again, but if you want to occasionally dip in and see
what's happening you could subscribe in digest or web-only mode.
Digest mode means that instead of getting all the individual
messages, they all get bundled into one big message per day. Web mode
means you don't get any messages at all, but you can browse them on
the web. To subscribe, send a message to

The final list is SproutloreAnnounce, which you are already on since
you're getting this message. You've already been moved to the eGroups
list, so you don't need to do anything else.

I'll write a bit more on this in the next Brentford Mercury, which is
coming out at the end of May. There are also more details on our web

If you have any queries or suggestions, please drop us a mail at

All the best,