Issue 0 - 2008-06-17

More News just in:

Well, out of ashes. It seems that on the Forum over at some of
the hardy stalwarts were thinking of having a gathering to sink a pint and have
one last look around the Museum. This idea has caught light and so, our beloved
authour explains:

As the closing party on 11th July at Gunnersbury Park Museum has had to be
cancelled and a few kind folks here at Sproutlore have said "oh that's a shame
we should really have a beer to say goodbye to the exhibition before it closes",
various folk have been trying to organise something and the final something is
that on 28th June we get together at the museum at 12.30 lunchtime, have a
chinwag, sign the visitors book and then slope off to The Magpie and Crown in
Brentford High Street to talk the toot and drink ourselves into whatever states
of inebriation seem appropriate. It would be very nice to see as many of you as
can make it,the exhibition was a very special thing to me and meant a lot. This
is very much a spur of the moment idea on the part of several nice people and I
am grateful for their kindness. So that's the deal and if you can make it , then
wonderful. Robert Rankin.

So hopefully we'll see you along, convince you to join Zombiecon and generally
just have a nice afternoon.

I understand Ian, Graham, Gaz and Hugh are partly to blame for this, so we owe
them a pint!

See you there


P.S. Don't forget to join Zombiecon at

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