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This page contains links to sites which might be of interest to Rankin fans. We do our best to check them all regularly, but if you spot a broken link, please let us know.


Rankin Fan Sites
A Robert Rankin Fansite.
Want to talk took, chat about nothing and hear some good music from time to time? then come along to Fourpints.com


Humourous Author/Organizations Sites
Harry Harrison: The Official Website
A great insite to a great writer.
Sci-Fi Club (Dublin)
Dublin science fiction club. Holds monthly meeting in Bowe's Pub, Fleet Street, Dublin 2.
ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha
The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Appreciation Society


Bands Mentioned in Robert Rankin books
Captain Beefheart
The Captain Beefheart Radar Station
Celtic Frost
one of those bands whose artwork was occasionally better than the music
Frank Zappa
American Composer, 1940-1993
Robert is known for his fondness for old Fred (God Bless)
Robyn Hitchcock
Artist featured in Dog Called Demolition soundtrack


Strange and Weird Sites of Interst to Rankin Fans
Just check it out OK!
Brentford the Musical
you used to link to this...? mind you, my old link to you needs to be updated. A general but frivolous about the real Brentford.
Johnny Wishbone and the Voodoo Starfish
A shrine to the greatest band the world has never seen
Mystery of Aer Lingus Flight 712
What happened? Why Did it happen. Find out all here into this mystery.
Subterrania Britannica
The study and investigation of all man-made and man used underground places.
The Fortean Times
The web site for the famous mag.


From The People Who Brought You Sproutlore...
Captain Ireland
Michael Carroll's Home Page
Four Pints Dave\'s Home Page
Now new and improved! With many rare bits of Rankin memorabilia
M.J. Simpson
Mike Simpson, former staff writer for SFX, author of The Unnoficial Guide to the Hitchhikers Guide and regular contributor to The Brentford Mercury
The Lost Car Park
James Shields Sci-fi links site.


Other Useful Links
BORDERLANDS: Federation and Empire Startrek PBEM RPG
A Startrek based PBEM RPG (play by email role playing game). Borderlands has been providing great *free* role playing since 1993. Join the Romulan Empire and the Federation in this exciting RPG! Come on in, cross the borders...
The National Irish Science Fiction Convention
The James White Award
The Lost Car Park Project

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