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Oooh, I managed to save this..

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 6:22 pm    Post subject: Oooh, I managed to save this.. Reply with quote

..before the great Crash of 2007.

Just finished the basic synopsis treatment for pitching my script, still developing after nearly four years. Had to make changes, take advice etc.
So to stop myself being ripped off. I'm posting the current shortened synopsis, just to date stamp the creation time.
Stops someone coming back and nicking it.
The last time I did this was in the old forum. Which I believe still exists, but the story is slightly different.
So here we go.
I'm not really after comment I'm just digitally storing online and publicly, for copyright purposes. Still....

Film Genre; Science Fiction - With an Eco message/disaster movie.

Film One;
Title; Chronosaurs

Tag line for ad - History is about to get a wake up call....The Chronosaurs are coming.

Dr Gertie Chase - Palaeontologist and explorer. 24, doing doctorate for Career at Cambridge. born in Wisconsin.
Colonel Gerry (Gimpy) Gorman - Career officer, special forces etc. US Military advisor to the Whitehouse, 44 years old and wishing for retirement.
Professor Sam Cheadle - University Lecturer at Chicago, also entrepreneur and artifact collector. Rich beyond most, and constantly developing new equipment and techniques that could aid the world, at a price.
Dr Jonners - Gertie's mentor and godfather.
Dr Hillian - Expert in geneology.
Dr Rafferty - Quantum physicist.
President Dolores Hughes of the US
Bernie Stiles- Cheadles gofer and all round sneak.
Various Whitehouse and military staff, and various Scientific people and experts.

Gertie Chase is the lead protagonist and in charge of the bones newly discovered. She heads the research into the mile long fossils. The research is snatched away by Sam Cheadle in a bid to be the first to develop the time travel section, unaware of the catastrophic consequences.

A new type of Dinosaur fossil is uncovered in the American Badlands. A mile long set of skeletal remains. Skull fossil shows mechanical internal bone formations. Replicated fossil bones cause wormhole to appear around the model.

Chronosaurs are the mile long and sulphur/methane exuding time travelling donosaurs. There are only 20 of them, and they lived and died in the period covering the Cambrian Explosion of life period, some half a billion years ago. Their species lifespan covered roughly two million years, before they died out. They used time travel, a gift they were not aware of, to move forward and back within that timescale. They reproduced through in-breeding, and moving through time to mate with their young, and sometimes themselves.

Due to a paradoxical event and the discovery of the bones, a renegade entrepreneur (Cheadle) steels the skull design to travel further and further back in time to discover more about the Chronosaurs. In doing this he unwittingly brings disease and chaos to their eco-system. Some of the Chronosaurs begin dying out more rapidly and their diseases becoming more and more virulant, and consequently the well ones move further forward in time, beyond the two million years, to try and find a mate.

Bear in mind these are non-thinkers, relying on instinct to move themselves along an uncontrolled timeline. As they move in time, they begin to die slowly. They give off massive amounts of sulphur and methane which pollute the atmosphere, possibly impacting on the whole planetary life development itself and spreading massive killer diseases in their wake. Their fossilized remains begin cropping up more and more often in modern day.

A young female scientist (Chase) studying the remains, upon discovering unauthorized access to the skull data, connects the dots. She sets out to convince the President (Hughes) and the world that global warming is about to get put on the back burner. History is about to change.

The Chronosaurs are moving in greater jumps through the various eons, from the Cambrian to the Permian, causing the Permian Triassic Extinction Event with their sulphur, disease and methane emissions and wiping out 95% of life on earth. They travel through to the Mezozoic, the eon before our own, the Cenozoic. The renegade scientist Cheadle has been following their movements in an attempt to halt their progress. Chase also travels back with a team of experts, led by a military commander (Gorman), just incase force is needed, to try and halt the impending destruction of the earths eco-system. Finding five, mile long dinosaurs spreading disease and poisonous gases is a time consuming and difficult task. With no sat nav or gps in orbit, they have to hope they can find the sources of extreme methane.

Both parties meet at the end of the Cretacious period, at the exact moment just before the dinosaurs extinction. The cause being the Chronosaurs massive sulphur/methane emissions leaking dangerously once more into the atmosphere and their low immune systems allowing diseases to mutate violently within their bodies causing killer viruses to appear within weeks of their arrival.. In that sense, a pivotal moment is reached. The earth could still survive if the Chronosaurs were eliminated at this point. A decision must be made, life hangs in the balance. If we kill them now, the dinosaurs survive, which is wrong in historical terms. If we let history go unchecked at this point, we risk letting the Chronosaurs wipe out our own existence in our own future, and that could be anytime. There are five Chronosaurs left.

Chase falls in love with Gorman, life and the preservation of life in general are issues to be resolved morally. Cheadle turns good guy and offers to combine his research material to help the younger female scientist. The order to destroy all Chronosaurs comes too late for them to find even one Chronosaur. The sky turns dark and the air becomes suffocating and hot within hours. The team must move to kill quickly, risking disease and sickness to themselves or jump into the time line.. Four of the Chronosaurs vanish having killed off the entire dinosaur populace. The scientists must follow into the future, the other has died through disease.

They arrive back in present day earth. All seems normal. History has gotten a wake up call, the Chronosaurs are coming...A suggestion is made to travel forward into the future, to find out when they appear...but it's too late, they're here. The last four are somewhere on earth, exuding vast sulphur and methane quantities into the atmosphere and exposed to our modern day ailments. To kill them would be easy, so the armies of the worlds locate the four different global locations of these beasts. Cheadle has already developed a means of sending the Chronosaurs back to their own epoch with a wide dispersal time variator. They offer the chance of survival to Chronosaurs by sending them back to a million years before they were called into existence. It's the humane route. The scientists race a gainst the worlds military might to try and find each of the four Chronosaurs before they get really sick and start dying, and before the military incinerate each one. The human lifespan is coming to an ecological disease ridden end as atleast one Chronosaur falls sick, somewhere on the planets surface. To survive, and start again, the scientists begin the preservation of life in cell form and DNA in a govt cave complex hidden away.

The scientists reach two out of the four Chronosaurs in time to send them backward in time. The third is found dead and the nearby populace dying within hours of a mutated virus from the beast. This begins its spread across the continent, killing all manner of life.

The fourth is thought to have been destroyed by the Chinese in their province, but that report is unconfirmed. By now it's too late.

As the world falls and mankind becomes irrevocally extinct, Gertie Chase, Gorman and Cheadle along with the president and other scientists move into the cave, and shift themselves a million years into the future. There the film ends with our protagonists venturing out into a new world, vastly different, with no human or mammallean life. One Chronosaur has moved forward in time...how far, we will never know. For now, the human race has a chance to renew itself.

The possible movies final shot is of Gertie Chase looking at the recovered skull bone fragments, saved from present day earth, in her lab in the cave in the future...using the electron microscope to look at the way the bones are structured, she finds a manufacturers name and lines that look like code, microscopically small stamped or engraved onto the fossilized surface, on the outside of the jaw bone. However, having read that through, I feel it may be a bit cliched and too presumptious with regard to burrowing into a sequel. Perhaps it's best left somewhere in the first twenty minutes of any proposed second film.

Leaving the protagonists stranded on a strange and new earth with the rest of humanity left dead and dying, seems a grave way of putting the subliminal eco message across. We mess with the Chronosaurs environment and we have to reap the consequences. I like that more than the Movie-style 'Oh my God look at that!' alternative I previously suggested.

Film two;
As to the origin of the Chronosaurs, this will become clearer as the aspects of panspermia are explored and a possible solution for the Chronosaurs development is investigated.
The simplist solution would be to go back and remove the renegade scientist, now an ally...this is the framework for the treatment of the sequel.

God is in the detail...Or is that still classed as Panspermia..I think it is!
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