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Free stuff to download

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 12:19 am    Post subject: Free stuff to download Reply with quote

Shameless promotion I'm afraid.

I was asked to post this where I post stuff.. and this is the only place at the mo.

It is two VERY diverse compilations to download. Bound to be something anyone would like amongst it all, even the weirdos here.


Now is the time to download!!

Over 2 hours of very diverse underground music.

Part A .zip link below. (127mb of 320kbps mp3 files, 16 tracks)

Part B .zip link below. (127mb of 320kbps mp3 files, 17 tracks)

Or just go to each comp and grab the tracks you want...

Part A home page.

Part B home page.

Plus, of course, download Sordid Zine Issue 1 as a .pdf (over 100 pages of rants, interviews, and hopefully dark humour).

Full track listings for the Issue 1 comps Part A & B

Part A

1. Harbringer by Strain 121
2. Bufera Di Neve by OvO
3. My Tits Are Full of Shit by Teen Arsonists 77
4. Ikkunan Takana by Alymysto
5. Saturday Night Virus by Virus (featuring Garm)
6. Ha Ha, You're Fucking Dead by DMT
7. What A Strange Supposition by My Awesome Mixtape
8. Speed When The Meter Breaks by MxR
9. Big Boy Pants by F.C.A.
10. Missing In Action by Good For Nothing
11. Imagination by Buttress O'Kneel
12. Photographs from an Asylum by Krieg
13. Everybodie is Walking Away From Me by LoFi Terrorist
14. How Many by Tender Forever
15. One Two Three GORE! by DMT
16. Trianglesaurus by Skoll-Hops

Part B

1. Unload The White Load (live) by HEWHOCORRUPTS
2. Glass Fork (Harm) by Sissy Spacek
3. Touch The Monster by Shift Decimal
4. Azoth by Ouroboros
5. Flag of Betrayal (Demo 0Shock by The Death Trip
6. There Are Ghosts! by Double Handsome Dragons
7. Jolly Fecal Execution Squad by DMT
8. Horse 4eva by Toxic Lipstick
9. Avaritia by Darkeion
10. Burning The Believers by Lucas Darklord
11. Anything She Can Do I Can Do Better by Anal Discharge
12. Can An Animal Make Beautiful Music by Teen Arsonists 77
13. Krvnici Krvi Jos Nisu Siti (live) by DAžD
14. PS Let's Be Friends by The (Temperamental) Pocket
15. Insect by Children Egoism
16. Westboro Necrofisting Club by DMT
17. Z Rollin by Matt, Dave and Lachlan's Critical Zombie Holocaust

That's all for now.

More as it comes to fist.


(oh, and please feel free to repost this. This stuff is all for people to read and listening to. Pass it on.)


That was all. Thanks for your patience!


nothing witty here

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