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Paragon 2

Eastercon 2005 - Paragon II

Hanover hotel, Hinckley, Leicestershire

25th-28th Mar 2005


Paragon II

The national SF convention, on surprisingly at Easter, in Hinckley.

Robert Rankin is a Guest of Honour.

This event attracts over 700 people and goes on for four days. There are a number of programme threads from gamming to building Robots to a Richard III play.

Our own James Bacon is on the committee, and he has roped in a crowd of Sproutlores finest to help out so we hope that a few of the activities taking place at the convention will reflect this.

Its £40 for the whole weekend, which is good value for the amount of effort and entertainment that goes into it, although 'day' memberships will be available for those of you who want to turn up on the door.

Hotel rooms can work out as cheap £24 a night (sharing triple) so that quite cheap, we believe. There are other guets such as Ken Mcleod and comic writer Richard Morgan, and authors such as Jasper Fford have joined up as ordinary members!!!

Loads of information can be found here: www.paragon2.org.uk