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Worldcon 2005: Interaction

Worldcon 2005 - Interaction

SECC Glasgow

4th-8th August 2005



The biggest convention in the world is coming to Scotland, and Sproutlore intends to head north, in droves. It only seems to happen once a decade, and we are going to capitalise on it!

Robert Rankin is a member of WorldCon, as our literally hundreds of other Authors. This five-day convention in a selection of brilliant venues in Glasgow is vast.

You will never get to everything. At any one time there may be about 15 programme items running. That's not including the exhibits, the art shows, the dealers room, the huge extravaganza's and all the parties each night. Let alone a few beers in a bar!

James and Stef are running what appears to be a convention within a convention! They are running the Young Adult Fun activities that although aimed at the 10- 19 age group are open to older people, especially those who like to have fun!

The young adults programme will be a bit mad, from Building Helms Deep, to water pistols, building and destroying things, shooting, experimenting and insanity such as 'Gob Art' and much more mayhem.

Sproutlore will be running a number of parties with ZZ9 for YAFA.

This is a joint venture, and Sproutlore member and ZZ9 committee member Douglas Spencer will be looking after this aspect.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

It's not a cheap weekend. With such a quantity of stuff going on, the membership is 110 or Euro 165. But hour per hour, you will not find better value for money!

There is a payment scheme in place t pay over 3 payments as well.

Accommodation varies, and Elvis has found some at 15 a night, which is great value.

Its big, its worth every penny of it, and we will be there!

Join Us.

Formation, click here: www.interaction.worldcon.org.uk