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Damn Fine Convention

May Bank Holiday Weekend, 3rd - 6th May 2002

Shepperton Moat House Hotel


Damn Fine Convention

Damn Fine ConventionRegistration: 20 (until Novacon 2001).

Damn Fine Convention sets out to take the weirdest, most imaginative and daft ideas of the TV series "Twin Peaks" and hold one of the most unusual Science Fiction Conventions ever to take place. We're not flying actors over from the States but hope to have authors of books about Twin Peaks, a parapsychologist, an agent, an owl expert and such like guests.

The main emphasis of the convention will be on having a fun time; enjoying the coffee and donut tasting, light hearted games and quizzes, running around trying to find out who Bob is possessing; that sort of thing.

The Convention is being organised by a selection of experienced goat fun loving con runners, including the some of the people who ran Lazlar Lyricon II, Wombat and Aliens Stole My Handbag described by the SFX website as "the best fun convention of the century".

Sounds good doesn't it? And not even a hint of Rankin! Robert is a big Fan and will be along on the weekend, but the major emphassis wil be having a wild time.

Check out this list of weapons which will be used as part of the 'weapons training' programme item. At the moment we have available (and please Mr MI5 officer these are all BB replicas for recreational boys-playing-at-soldiers use only a not any kind of criminal or terrorist activity at all), M4 A1 AEG assualt rifle, MP5 SD6 AEG smg, Thopson M1A1 AEG smg, Uzi AEG smg, MC51 AEG assault carbine, SPAS12 pump action shot gun, Benelli pump action shot gun, Colt python gas revolver, Glock17 GBB pistol, Desert Eagle GBB pistol, Berretta 92F GBB pistol and Ingram MAC 11 GBB smp. Should be enough to keep people amused for a while! especially the MAC it's a little arse kicker! Hey fun with guns, and we are even trying to track down a replica General Electric Mini BB-gun.

And remember this is not even 1% of what we have planned.

Its going to be an amazing weekend, and any of you who attended aliens know exactly what I mean.


Click here for the convention website with full details.