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The Mornington Crescent to Brentford Charabang

Saturday 28th July 2001


Details for those attending

The Mornington Crescent to Brentford CharabangWell here is the plan...

We will be meeting at 11am, on Saturday the 28th of July. Outside Mornington Crescent station, there is a small triangle, where we will be gathering (Northern Line - thats the black one running down the middle of the tube map).

Promptness is all-important here. At 11.30, we will be taken by Mr Jeff Mills, Group Station Manager, Mornington Crescent, down into the station and shown around. He will be taking us down in groups, but Robert will be with each group.

Following this we will adjourn to the pleasant park next to the station. Here some sport shall begin, a version of allotment golf, sprout stamping, 3 legged races, and boules will ensue. Robert will be umpire extraordinaire, so be prepared for some madness.

We may at this stage have a signing, if not we will have it later. We will also have a chance for a picnic. Bring some food, and drink, its probably going to be hot.

At 2.45 the open top bus shall arrive. The plan here is that Robert will guide us through London and bring us to Brentford arriving at around 4.15. Then we shall stop at the Bricklayer's arms, for exactly half an hour.

We will then reboard the bus, and for the next hour travel around the borough, with Robert at the helm, guiding us around all the various places of interest.

We will then make our way to The Park Tavern in Brentford, (high street) arriving at 6pm.

After a chance to wet ones whistle, we hope that there will be food available. At this stage I am unsure of what the type of food, and whether there may be a small charge, but either way, it won't be more than a couple of quid, and no doubt will go down well.

Following this break, we may have a signing, or even during the break. Then at 7pm, we will have a Quiz, based on your Rankin knowledge, set by those Rankinphiles, Lee and Dave, there will be a decent prize for the winner/team. Then we shall have a reading of Roberts's next book by Robert, a short Q&A session.

Then hopefully Sally will be on hand with the latest Rankin cover, from Fandom of the Operator, and she will talk to us about putting the current sculpture together.

This will be followed by another legendary auction, we have some really unique and rare Items, up for grabs here, and lots of smaller, and cheap ones too, hopefully everyone will get something.

Then to finish the evening off we shall be having a huge raffle, with lots of neat prizes, so perhaps 50p will win you something similar to what was sold for quite a lot more during the auction, but its all chance.

There will be other stuff going on, and as always we will be selling merchandise, and generally trying our bestest to raise as much funds for the club as possible.(organise those overdrafts)

I expect that all this will bring us up to around 9pm, maybe a bit later. At this stage, we hope that the day melts down into a drunken orgy of boozing.

Another reason for this, is that one Sproutlore members, Neil Johnstone, has asked if he can celebrate his engagement after we are finished, and what a superb excuse, for boozing more, that is, and of course, we are happy to down a beer for such an occasion.

All are welcome from around 7pm-ish onwards.

We have decided to print out the list of those who have tickets, to save any confusion. The last two have requested to be informed of cancellations, so if you are cancelling, please let us know. In actual fact there are more waiting.


Those who will be attending
  1. Robert Rankin
  2. Sally Rankin
  3. Jumbo
  4. James Sheilds (o)
  5. Alix Langridge
  6. Greg Elkin
  7. Sam Elkin
  8. Matthew Langley
  9. Matthew Langley 2
  10. Steven Dean
  11. Nikki Dean
  12. Lorraine Loveridge
  13. Tim Mc Gregor
  14. Yvie tapping
  15. Leah Davies
  16. Hazel Davies
  17. George Bell
  18. Chelie Bell
  19. Dr. Pete
  20. Flick
  21. Flicks mate Sarah
  22. Stef
  23. Helena McCallum
  24. Ian brown
  25. Hazel Newman
  26. Robert Newman
  27. Alan Sullivan
  28. Dop
  29. Carlos chadderton
  30. Matt Newsome
  31. Debbie Cordwell
  32. Debbie Cordwell 2
  33. Billy Stirling (o)
  34. Graham hill
  35. Les Judge
  36. Raymond Brilliant
  37. Paul 'Danton' Briggs
  38. Neils 'Tony' Holden
  39. Samantha Waddington
  40. Elite
  41. Emma Jones (nee bear)
  42. David Jones
  43. Stef 1
  44. Stef 2
  45. Stef 3
  46. Emma King
  47. Johnathon Ely
  48. David hill
  49. Seb Reix
  50. L Brenton
  51. D Beazley
  52. Lyllas Green
  53. Wag
  54. Tobes
  55. Simo
  56. Mrs Simo
  57. Laurie Edlund
  58. Heidi Mounsey (o)
  59. Jim de Liscard (o)
  60. Meike (o)
  61. Jo Cape
  62. Kevin Preist
  63. L Davies
  64. Jammella Bear
  65. Johnathon May Bowles
  66. P O Mealoid
  67. D O Mealoid
  68. Neil Johnstone
  69. Carston Leonhart
  70. Carston Leonhart
  71. Karl McNaughton (cancellation # 1)
  72. Ronan (cancellaton #2)